about us

Harvest House has been quietly serving the less fortunate and changing lives in Northeast Oklahoma for 24 years. In the last decade we have grown rapidly to become a major basic services, charitable agency in the
Tulsa area. We are now an independent 501c(3) social services agency serving the poorest of our neighbors in Northeast Oklahoma.
Our first volunteer opened our doors in 1996 with one bag of groceries, a bag of clothing, a folding table and a chair. Due to unprecedented growth, today we are one of the top five social services agencies in Tulsa. Truly, empowerment of the poor is our bottom-line objective. We strive to be a “front door” to all the other wonderful agencies that participate in the continuum of care that is available in the Tulsa area. This city truly has a big heart, and rare is the problem that cannot be alleviated by a combination of our programs and services from other great charitable agencies in Tulsa.

This Is Our Mission:

“Empowering the Poor and Transforming Lives

in Northeast Oklahoma,

One Life at a Time”.


Virginia Runnels for websitefixed.jpg

One principle was at the core of Virginia’s belief system: the inherent dignity of every individual.


This principle was the foundation of the organization she founded in 1996 within the walls of Open Bible Fellowship Church, with the sponsorship of the pastors; it was later to be named Harvest House.

Virginia, who considered herself simply a community volunteer, had long been involved in efforts to help the needy. Harvest House began with just her, but has grown to more than 20 volunteers who deliver hundreds of tons of groceries and many other services from eight programs to thousands of households in

Northeast Oklahoma.

We are located in the southern portion of the South Peoria corridor, centered among one of the largest concentrations of government assisted housing in Tulsa.