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For help with Food for Families, Clothing, Utility Bills, Infant Supplies, or Free Eyeglasses, you must schedule a Wednesday appointment.  Wednesday appointments cannot be made online or through this website.


To make an Appointment, call and leave a voice message with your name, call-back phone number, and a description of your need. Appointments are scheduled on a first in-first out basis.




Leave a message with your name and phone number & describe your need. 


Add our number to your Contacts, so you won’t miss a phone call from the Harvest House receptionist on Monday or Tuesday.


Description of Programs we offer:

Food for Families allows the client to "shop" from a Menu for available food items stocked at Harvest House. Food for Families utilizes a "client choice" model from available food supplies.  Clients may receive food in this program once every 6 weeks.


Emergency Food is a pre-boxed, pre-determined food sack. It is available Monday-Thursday from 1p-4p on a "walk in" basis with no appointment required. You do not need to call to schedule an Emergency Food pickup. Clients may receive food from this program once every 4 weeks.


Additionally, Clothing and Infant Supplies are provided through a "client choice" model where you are able to choose what you need. Clients may receive clothing or infant supplies in this program once every 6 weeks.


Though our Utility Bill Disconnect program is only able to pay $50 towards a Disconnect Notice from your utility company, we are often able to refer clients to additional resources available locally. Harvest House is only able to help if (1) you have a current Disconnect notice, (2) the utility bill is in the client's name, (3) you bring in a paper bill (no emails) stating it is a Disconnect Notice, and (4) you meet with a Harvest House interviewer to explore payment options. Clients are able to access this program once every 4 months.


Free Prescription Eyeglasses are provided through the New Eyes program.  Harvest House can provide a voucher for a free Optometrist appointment. Glasses are ordered from New Eyes after the Optometrist prescription is received.  This process normally take about 6 weeks. Clients are able to access this program once every year.

1439 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74136
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Check your email after submitting for instructions to receive help.

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