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Harvest House is a one-stop shop with solutions from our seven programs plus an interview process designed to help the guest discover more solutions to their household’s most pressing issues and find a clear path out of poverty – truly a hand up, not a hand out.

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Harvest House was founded in 1996 by Virginia Runnels. So, 2021 is the 25 th year of continuous rapid growth and operation of this fine nonprofit agency. This is a good time to look back and review the accomplishments over those years; we welcome you to be as amazed as we were when we added up the outcomes…
    Over 34,000 households served
    86,000 individuals residing in the households served
    120,000 bags of quality, nutritious groceries delivered
    1.4 million equivalent meals delivered to our guests
    2.2 million pounds of groceries delivered
    $323,000 paid to help our guests avoid utilities cutoff
    In the last ten years over 260,000 garments were selected by our guests
    In the last ten years over 150,000 diapers were given for the children of our guests
    ...And many other programs and services that we don’t even try to count


It is this tally of accomplishments that could only be achieved due to the generosity of our foundation and private donor partners. These outcomes place Harvest House in the top three of the social services rank in the Northeast Oklahoma area.

And we have only begun!

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We are located near 71st & South Peoria, centered among one of the largest concentrations of government assisted housing in Oklahoma.